Entropic Dystopia

from by Spektralaeon



Purity is a great asphyxiation.
From the stars a phantom arbiter

Crushing with the weight
Of a cosmic singularity
Never abating
The vast abyss has torn
The world asunder

Humanity's Pyres
Torturous events
Of a grand design
Affect a numb diversion

Severing the mind
From the eyes of the mountain
To purge the blind
Enemies aligned
To will of a master
Too weak to lead
Pushing forward
Euphoric martyrs fall on the blade

"I wear the face-off a broken god
Consumed by moral catharsis
Look upon me and witness
The merging of elements
As I lay waste to the firmament"

I bathe in the blood of the weak
For they feed me
With their fear
And I prey upon the strong
For they burn the brightest in my fire

Mortal Impermanence fragile the flesh
Earth is a furnace of pain
Human condition, attrition and apathy
Screaming and dying

This hopeless feeble species
Planetary genocide
Surface to the core
Not a soul is left to save
Everything is sight
Is a blood-covered effigy
I have become Death
I must move on


from Crushing The Monolith EP, released March 1, 2016
Lead Guitar Performance credited to Sean Currington



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Spektralaeon Wisconsin

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