Crushing The Monolith EP

by Spektralaeon

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released March 1, 2016

Written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Uraeus/Spektralaeon.
Lead guitar performances credited to Sean Currington



all rights reserved


Spektralaeon Wisconsin

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Track Name: Entropic Dystopia
Purity is a great asphyxiation.
From the stars a phantom arbiter

Crushing with the weight
Of a cosmic singularity
Never abating
The vast abyss has torn
The world asunder

Humanity's Pyres
Torturous events
Of a grand design
Affect a numb diversion

Severing the mind
From the eyes of the mountain
To purge the blind
Enemies aligned
To will of a master
Too weak to lead
Pushing forward
Euphoric martyrs fall on the blade

"I wear the face-off a broken god
Consumed by moral catharsis
Look upon me and witness
The merging of elements
As I lay waste to the firmament"

I bathe in the blood of the weak
For they feed me
With their fear
And I prey upon the strong
For they burn the brightest in my fire

Mortal Impermanence fragile the flesh
Earth is a furnace of pain
Human condition, attrition and apathy
Screaming and dying

This hopeless feeble species
Planetary genocide
Surface to the core
Not a soul is left to save
Everything is sight
Is a blood-covered effigy
I have become Death
I must move on
Track Name: Deviant Scion
Deep within the flesh
Of the world for generations
Awaiting their dormant reactors
To engage

Giving power to the exodus
Of the congregation
Exhuming the last vestiges
Up from their perfect graves

From the oceans
And the scorched earth
The godless shall arise
Lifting to celestial realms
Prepared to testify

The silent tell their secrets as well
Great legacies they remain
The dead messengers of Earth
Escape to the stars
To preserve what they contain

Seven million messengers for humanity
Swearing allegiance
To their grand design
First to discover the fate of the Earth
Never trusting life to a mythical god
Only fact and reason

Clinical suicide
Entombed in the ice
Raptured in the dirt
Until it is time

They will travel alone
From the place of their birth
To the edge of it all
Testament to our time
Each is imbued with the knowledge
Of our race

Some will collide with the stars
Many will perish in flame
Four million turned to dust
When the great destroyer came
Eons have passed 'til now

One thousand still remain
Surpassing all of time
Beyond the galaxies
Pure emptiness
Black silent complete
Negation nothingness
Track Name: Crushing The Monolith
The desolation of the void
Indoctrination moving us faster
Through the frozen great unknown
Coursing with hatred and vengeance our masters

We bear the standard of the dead
We wear the burial shroud of our brethren
Eradicated Resurrected
Given the wisdom of ancients we remember

The trial by fire
The burning of every nation
Rapture of innocence
Into an ocean of undead
Illumination apocrypha spanning the cosmos
Protean nemesis ablation

Shadows reach to the end of the universe
Witnessing the absolute cacophony.

As we journey back to the earth
We know well she's an unmarked grave
Sent to the gallows eternal eclipse
Massive annihilation in spectral innervation
Torn from the fabric of time and of space
Buried beneath a black chasm
We enter the womb of the universe
To reclaim the seeds of creation

Twisting and turning
The energy churning in spires
Chaos radiation
A ravenous immortal revelation

Sentient awareness
A total assimilation consuming
Faith is a useless
And powerless sign of insanity
Now we have seen the undying
Creator of all
Faceless indifferent timeless
And without remorse

Grieving for the Earth
Never again to feel the cold light
Of the dawn
Never to see the faces of those
Who are gone
Grieving for the Earth
Never again to feel
The embrace of the wind
Winter is upon me
Caressing my soul from within

But we shall hold the key
Humanity's rebirth
Is all we seek to achieve
War is imminent
The enemy has fled
Hidden away
Gathering the stars
For the final confrontation

Palace of fire revelation
A cold stasis of the snake
This unrelenting dissolution
In swift justice eviscerate
Aphasia revealing the weakness
Of a god
Inner vision is weapon
Devastation in its wake

Now reversing the fate of us all
Forged in the deep recesses of time
There beyond the isolation
Waiting for abomination
Perfect in design
Messiah from machine
From beyond the blind
Sent to crush the monolith